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Unwrap the Magic of Christmas with a Gift That Touches the Heart

This Christmas, dive into a world where creativity knows no bounds. Introducing Elephant Art Online’s exclusive collection of mesmerizing prints that capture the essence of artistic brilliance at a fraction of the cost of a commissioned painting!

Poster Prints Made From Amazing Elephant Paintings

Currently, we offer two printed posters made from paintings by the world-famous elephant Suda and our extremely talented elephant Tunwa.

Elephant Suda

Just the Two of Us

Poster prints from Elephant Sudas painting.

A beautiful and sentimental printed poster made from elephant Suda’s top seller, Just the Two of Us. Print size is 24″×18″.

Elephant Tunwa

Sakura Drops

Poster prints from Elephant Tunwas painting.

A colorful and mesmerizing printed poster made from elephant Tunwa’s top seller, Sakura Drops. Print size is 24″×18″.

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Watch Joe Rogan Talk About Us

In this clip, Joe Rogan marvels at the artistic talents of Suda the elephant and discusses the incredible initiative of Elephant Art Online, a website dedicated to selling paintings made by elephants and supporting their care and wellbeing in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Why Support Elephant Art Online?

As the original creators of authentic elephant art, our elephants are celebrated worldwide for their exceptional talents. When you purchase their artwork, you directly support their well-being and our Elephant Hospital in Thailand, ensuring these majestic animals’ continued care and health.
We are the originator in authentic paintings made by elephants. Our lovely big artists, including Suda, have become famous around the world for their incredible skills.

Affordable Elegance

Enjoy museum-quality prints at only 10% of a commissioned piece’s cost, adding elegance and style to your space affordably.

The Perfect Gift

Gift timeless joy with our unique prints – perfect for Christmas, they offer loved ones a memorable and cherished art piece.

Art with Purpose

Select Elephant Art Online for gifts that support a community of elephants and foster creativity, contributing to a thriving art world.

What Our Customers Say

Discover why our customers consistently rate us 5-stars on Trustpilot, praising not only the uniqueness and quality of the elephant-created art but also our commitment to the welfare of the elephants and the transparent and efficient customer service experience we provide.

Our Five Star Ratings on Trustpilot.

These paintings are the real thing

Fast shipping, exceptional quality, and authentic elephant paintings delighted us, leading to a second purchase. Highly recommend for their humane treatment and genuinely artistic elephant creations.
Trustpilot review of Elephant Art Online
Our Five Star Ratings on Trustpilot.

I was a little skeptical

Skepticism turned to delight with a beautiful painting and corresponding photos and video received promptly. Details matched perfectly, highly recommend and would purchase again.
Trustpilot review of Elephant Art Online
Our Five Star Ratings on Trustpilot.

Elephant Art Online is excellent

Elephant Art Online offers phenomenal paintings with videos of creation, exceptional customer service, and responsive support for lost items. Highly recommend their unique art experience.
Trustpilot review of Elephant Art Online

Purchase a Print and Make a Difference

Bring a touch of the wild into your home with our exquisite elephant art prints. Each purchase directly supports elephant conservation and care, blending your love for art with a commitment to these majestic creatures' wellbeing.

A mahout is giving his elephant a bath.

Media Mentions

We are honored to have been featured by several major news organizations, with special attention given to Suda the elephant, whose extraordinary talent and story have captivated the hearts of people all over the world and highlighted our mission to support elephant welfare.

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